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Terrace restaurant Orkula

Our terrace

Have a look at our picture gallery, we hope you will get a first impression of the relaxing atmosphere. Unfortunately our web page cannot bring you a odorous mediterranian air which will first impress you when you visit us.

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Our delicious food

We believe you'll like our menu. Home made tradicional kitchen, supplies from quality suppliers as well as our home made products will turn your meal to an event.

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What is meaning of "orkula"?

There are 70 sorts of  olives in the world. In Croatia we have 19 sorts of olives. Most known sort in Kvarner and Dalmatia is orkula.

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First mentioned 950. by Constantine Porphyrogenitus as a city founded by croatian kings. Since than Biograd  became a culture, agriculture and tourism center.

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*** Welcome in the season 2020, we are happy to see you!***

You should enjoy - this is our goalimage

We want you to feel that our home is your home. Our terrace will offer you deep shadow, you will smell kiwi, flowers and pine trees nearby, all this in a quiet surrounding, enough distanced from city crowd and enough near by for a pleasent walk (15min of easy walk from city centre or marina). We will serve you various specialties from tradicional or international menu, such as beefstek in bacon, scampi, fish in salt, pasticada (beef stew dalmatian art), adriatic calamari, or we will find a special menu for you. Upon request we can serve also larger groups.

Welcome and enjoy your meal!

Ivanka i Ivo Šimurina


Beefsteak and bacon


Many our guests are delighted with our offer of beefsteaks. Carefully selected beef steak sourrounded with bacon - an unique flavour!

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